Welcome to Fine Art Creations By Sherrill

Artist Statement

Currently, I am working in several different media. All the years that I toured the USA with the outdoor art shows, I was dedicated to painting on silk. Now that I am focusing on doing indoor showings at Museums and Galleries, I have the privilege of being able to experiment with other media. Though silk painting is my first love and I will always have a passion for that, I am enjoying the experience of playing with other media and techniques. Mixed media on wood and acrylic on canvas have allowed me to be able to express myself in a completely different way.

The inspiration for my work is traveling, spiritual growth and tapping into the beauty that I find throughout this universe. My art tends to be uplifting and healing in nature, focusing on helping people to feel good!

A former resident of the beaches of California, the heart of Ohio, and culturally diverse South Fl, Sherrill has visited all but 2 of the States so far. Her love of travel has also taken her to many of the islands of the Caribbean, as well as Europe, Central America, South America and Canada. Learn More >