Tropical Silks
Original art by
Sherrill Schoening

''As an artist, it is my intention to stay connected to The Source. Through my creativity, I wish to show you the joy, beauty, and love that is emanating from The Source. I choose to do this though the colorful, tropical imagery that reminds us of places we have been or want to visit. When people enter my show they tell me they feel they are on a vacation. Yes, that is how I hope you will feel.

There is plenty of sadness and tragedy in the world, and you can see it everyday on the TV, in the paper, and there are plenty of depressed artists to show you the morose side of life. We can choose however, to stay happy and to escape into a world of beauty and love that I believe we were meant to share. My art makes us feel good!''

Sherrill's silk paintings reflect island days and balmy nights in paradise. Her images range from flora and fauna to landscapes, waters and people. Lush, gorgeous and calming her love of the tropics is executed with her incredible sense of color, in the French Serti Technique which she has mastered. This method of painting on silk using resist and dyes originated in the Polynesian islands and really lends itself to her original style.